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Public Sauna in Erasmus park.

Door: Mario Sandgren
7 augustus 2023
Projectteam | 4 december 2023, 13:07

De beoogde locatie bevindt zich in projectgebied. Er is net gestart met het uitvoeren van de verbeterplannen Erasmuspark. Deze verbeterplannen zijn middels een participatietraject tot stand gekomen. Het is niet wenselijk dat er via West Begroot zijtrajecten worden gestart.

For the health and wellbeing of our community we need a sauna in Erasmus park by the water pontoon!

We have a strong community that wants to live healthy in this neighbourhood. A sauna is proven to be creating community bonds and also is very healthy, the park location is perfect for it.

There are already companies that can build and maintain for the community and we can create an online booking system that is fair and gives people chance to book at a very affordable price - to help with maintenance and also to ensure that once booked people do turn up . The local gym Train More used to have a sauna, but they closed it so now an entire area cannot have access to this healthy communal habitat. I and my friends in the area are very committed to make this happening and to prove that such investments are increasing the quality of life of people in Amsterdam and that our local municipality cares about healthy community initiatives.


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Martine Zwijnenberg | 7 augustus 2023 21:30

I absolutely looove this idea!


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