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New Wave Produce: Food Depot and Solidarity Fridge

Door: Omar Ali
27 juli 2020

A self-sustaining hub for healthy, affordable food exchange and community enrichment in the heart of Amsterdam West

Do you sometimes feel disconnected from where your food comes from and what happens to the waste when you’re done with it? Bringing fresh produce to our city centre can be too costly for small farm producers, and healthy eating can be an expensive investment for residents, leaving those with lower incomes or larger families at a disadvantage. Additionally, local restaurants catering to Amsterdam’s large population are often left with an abundance of food waste that just ends up in the bin.

In a post-COVID world, it is more necessary than ever to provide our community with a space to get sustainable, affordable produce. By investing in our plan to set up a produce depot & fridge, residents would be provided a space to access local farm produce and connect with community growers. Neighbourhood restaurants would also be given an avenue to eliminate food waste by donating or selling it through platforms such as Too Good to Go.

Action Plan:
We will rent a space next to the Molen de Otter, establish relationships with local farmers and restaurants, and develop a community management system where local volunteers have a hand in planning and coordinating daily activities and decision-making.

Who Benefits:
1. Residents: 
  • Share local knowledge and decide what they want to eat
  • Get fresh, affordable, seasonal produce (via subscription services or market pick-ups)
  • Engage in community welfare through donation boxes and volunteering initiatives
2. Local Community Growers 
  • Get an outlet to share or sell their produce and recipes
3. Neighbourhood Restaurants
  • Eliminate their usable food waste by packaging it for those in need, giving back directly to members of their community
4.  Regional Farmers
  • Form enduring relationships with residents and sell their produce to a consistent market

Contribution to theme:
  • more sustainable and healthy consumption habits, reduction of waste and local carbon footprint
  • elevates local positive habits, connects communities and elevates those in need


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