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Mind the bump (working title)

Door: brooklyn brownstone
26 juli 2020

A community space for pregnant people to come together & participate in activities to help reduce feelings of loneliness

Although pregnancy is supposed to be one of the happiest times in a person's life, for many this time can be lonely. Having experienced this, I have since been able to speak more openly & have discovered that I am certainly not alone! My goal is to reduce the loneliness that people feel during their pregnancy by creating a community space where women can connect with one another & join in a variety of programs that cater to the needs of people during the first, second, third & fourth trimester.

Success will be measured in three areas: event attendance, cafe sales & participant feedback focused on how we helped participants feel less lonely during this time.

I intend to do this through two key focuses:
Designed with pregnancy in mind, the space will facilitate group connection. All classes will be taught by local professionals to help participants feel inspired & cared for during this time in life.  

In order to achieve this plan, I need to:
Find a location and renovate 
Create programming 
Launch a marketing plan through local midwives, daycares & baby stores
Create a website to register for events & host events online

“Approximately one in four people in the Netherlands will, come in contact with a depression or an anxiety disorder”(Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam).  “During pregnancy & the postpartum period, there is a 15-20% chance of (re) developing psychological complaints” (POP polyclinic of OLVG). Here in Amsterdam west, families play a critical part of the community (as evidenced by our busy playgrounds, midwives & childrens stores). While there is support for moms once their babies are born & medical support, emotional care during the four trimesters is notable absent.  My plan is to create a community space that supports pregnant people during the four trimesters of pregnancy & postpartum to minimize their risk of loneliness during this critical period.                                  


Argumenten voor

Chrissy Stergios | 27 juli 2020 12:19

Amsterdam so needs a safe space for mother’s- there is nothing like it here at the moment

sofia giostrelli | 27 juli 2020 14:06

Het is een hele goeie en handige idee om een sense of community te creeren rondom zwangere vrouwen en nieuwe moeders die net zijn verhuisd naar Nederland om elkaar te steunen en beter te kunnen integreren.

carrie grey | 27 juli 2020 14:37

Community is massively underrated and is so essential when bringing a new life into the world. I have friends who have struggled with feelings of loneliness during and after pregnancy and this community would have been so useful to them and their babies.

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