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Dear West district resident,

West district would like to give residents a voice. After all, residents know best what is needed in their district or neighbourhood. You are therefore invited to help decide on the expenditure of the €300,000 that West district has made available for West Begroot.

You will help choose which plans are implemented with these funds! This letter includes your personal voting code. From noon on November 15th through noon on December 13th, you are able to vote for your favourite plans via westbegroot.amsterdam.nl.

How it works

  • Go to westbegroot.amsterdam.nl and cast your vote.
  • Choose the plans you think are best and that you think should be implemented.
  • Vote with your personal voting code. Your code is on the reverse of this letter.
  • Enter your email address on the website if you would like to stay informed about West Begroot.

On Thursday, December 16, 2021, it will be made known which plans will be implemented in 2022.

More information

Do you have questions about West Begroot that you cannot find the answers to on westbegroot.amsterdam.nl? Feel free to call or app to 06 3919 5580 or send an email to westbegroot@amsterdam.nl.

Warm regards,


Carolien de Heer

Portfolio manager for democratization

Municipality of Amsterdam, West district


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