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West is Budgeting!

How would you spend €300.000 in the West District?

Send in your plan concerning one of the three themes to decide where the money goes.

The themes are: Green - Greener surroundings, Diversity - Everyone is included and Sustainability - Improve the environment.

Upload your plans by October 6th, 2019.

How does it work?
1. See the themes

District West has made €300.000 available for the themes: ‘greener surroundings (green)’, ‘everyone is included’ (diversity) and ‘improve the environment’.

2. Send in your plan and start campaign

Everyone can send in their plan. Afterwards, be sure to campaign for your plan to get at least 50 likes on the website. Other people can like and write arguments supporting your plan.

3. Feasibility check by the municipality

When your plan has a minimum of 50 likes, the municipality will check it for feasibility (legal, financial and spatial). If there is a significant amount of feasible plans, the district committee (representatives for the public) will choose the top 30 viewed as the best for District West.

4. Divide € 300.000 over the plans.

Everyone in District West gets the opportunity to decide which of the 30 plans will be carried out.

Background information

Why is West Budgeting?

Every year District West allots funding and resources for project planning and finds it important that citizens decide which plans the municipality implements. Citizens can create and campaign for plans they think are good for the district through West Budgets. The themes have been based upon subjects that the district wants to give more attention to, as they are important for Amsterdam West. The district has made € 300.000 available, which enables citizens to have a voice in the funding allocation of projects in their district.


  • Your plan must contribute to one of the three themes in West: A green environment (Green); Everyone is included (Diversity) - A better climate (Sustainability)
  • Your plan is meant for District West or a neighborhood or specific location in West, and is intended to benefit the citizens of West.
  • Everyone from district West or elsewhere can send in a plan: citizens, entrepreneurs and social institutions.
  • You are allowed to carry out the plan yourself, have it done by a social organization, or by the municipality.
  • The maximum budget for a plan is €300.000,-
  • Your plan has to be carried out within a year (before December 31st, 2020).
  • The plan needs at least 50 likes in order to proceed to the next round for a feasability test.

The district checks the plans for feasibility with specific criteria. Some modifications to your plan may be necessary to ensure it complies with the feasibility criteria listed in the link below. In consultation with you, the district may alter your plan to make it feasible.

What are the feasibility criteria?

Next steps

When the district committee has received numerous feasible plans, they will make a selection of the top 30, to keep it manageable for public selection. This is considered the most democratic method, as they have been chosen by the citizens to represent them.

Every citizen of Amsterdam West will receive a letter around mid-January 2020 with a voting code. With this code, you can vote for the plans you think are best on the website. Voters will choose multiple plans for a maximum amount of €300.000, with a minimum of 3 plans. The plans with the most votes will be carried out during the year 2020.


Do you have any additional questions? Take a look at the frequently asked questions page. If you cannot find the answer to your question, send an email to westbegroot@amsterdam.nl, or call +31 - 6 39 19 55 80.

Website in multiple languages

The rest of the website is in Dutch, as translating completely is quite a feat. Nevertheless, we feel it is important that everyone has a chance to participate. We suggest using Google Translate, however if you have any questions or need clarifications, feel free to reach out to us. Best of luck on your plans!

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