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West Budgets!

How would you spend € 300.000,- in the district West?

Submit your plan for one of the four themes below and decide what the money will be spent on. The themes are:

  • Greenery in the neighourhood
  • Waste and litter
  • Bicycling and bike parking
  • Sports, games and meet-ups
Check out the themes
How does it work?
1. Check out the themes

District West is making €300,000 available for plans with the themes of: Greenery in the neighourhood, Waste and litter, Bicycling and bike parking, Sports, games and meet-ups

2. Submit your plan and start campaigning

Anyone can send us their plan. Hold a campaign for your plan and make sure to receive 50 likes. Others can like your plan, share it, and comment on it.

3. Feasibility check by the municipality

Once your plan has 50 likes or more, district West will look at it to see if it the plan can be realized.

4. Divide € 300.000,- over the plans.

Anyone who lives in district West aged 12 and older can vote which plans will be carried out within the budget of €300,000,-.

Why West Budgets?

District West thinks it is important for its residents to help think about and decide on the plans that the municipality carries out. Because you know what your neighbourhood and surroundings really need.

Thanks to West Budgets, the residents of Westerpark, Bos & Lommer, Oud-West and De Baarsjes can send us their plans that improve the quality of life in their neighbourhood.

After collecting the plans, all residents can vote on the ideas. This allows them to participate in how € 300,000,- of the district budget of West is spent.


  • Your plan contributes to one of these 4 themes:
    • Greenery in the neighourhood
    • Waste and litter
    • Bicycling and bike parking
    • Sports, games and meet-ups
  • Your plan is meant for the residents in West. It can be an idea for a neighbourhood, a specific spot or the entire city district.
  • Everyone can submit a plan: residents, businesses, and social institutions, from district West or outside of it. Employees of district West, members of the municipal board and of the district committee cannot participate.
  • You can carry out the plan you submit yourself, but you can also submit a plan that will be carried out by the municipality or an organisation.
  • A plan can cost €300,000,- at most. In Amsterdam, procurement rules apply for sums over €50,000,-. This could mean that you will not be allowed to carry out your plan yourself.
  • A plan must receive at least 50 likes to enter the next round and to qualify for the feasibility check by the policy officers of the city district office.
  • It must be feasible to carry out your plan within the budget year of 2022 (meaning it should be finished before 31 December 2022).

Assessment criteria

The city district will check the plans for feasibility. This may have consequences for your plan. In consultation with you, the district may alter your plan to make it feasible - but never any changes that turn the original plan – with at least 50 likes – into something completely different.

What are the feasibility criteria?

What happens after that?

In November 2021, all the residents in district West will receive a letter with a voting code. This code allows them to divide € 300,000,- over the plans they think are the best, by using this website. The plans with the most votes will be carried out.

Would you like help?

If you need help for submitting your plan, you can call 06 3919 5580. If you have trouble writing, you can also submit your plan using a Whatsapp voice message. Please use the Whatsapp helpdesk for this, we will make sure your plan will be put on the website. We hope to be able to offer help on location again soon. Once this is possible again, you can read where to go on this page.


Do you have any additional questions? Take a look at the frequently asked questions page. If you cannot find the answer to your question, send an email to westbegroot@amsterdam.nl, or call +31 - 6 3919 5580.

Website in multiple languages

It is important to district West that as many people as possible can join West Budgets. That is why we translated the introduction page to some of the languages that are spoken most in district West. You can translate the rest of the website by using Google Translate.


28 June – 2 August

Submit plans

28 June - 9 August

Hold your campaign and like plans

9 August - 29 October

Feasibility check of submitted plans

15 November – 13 December

Residents divide €300,000 over the plans

16 December 2021

Festive announcement of the chosen plans

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