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West district wants to give a voice to residents. After all, residents know best what is needed in their district or neighbourhood. This year, residents and organisations have again submitted plans for city district West via West Begroot. And you can decide where to spend €300,000 for West Begroot. 

You can choose which plans will be realised with this money. In the letter you will receive a personal voting code. Between 31 October 12.00 and 28 November 12.00, you can vote for the plans via westbegroot.amsterdam.nl.

How does it work

  • Go to westbegroot.amsterdam.nl and click on Stemmen. 
  • Choose the plans you like and think should be realised.  
  • Vote with your personal voting code. Your code is on the back of the letter.  
  • Enter your e-mail address on the website if you want to stay informed about West Begroot.  
  • On Thursday 1 December 2022, it will be announced which plans will be implemented in 2023. 

Help with voting

Can't vote via a computer? Then come along to get help with voting. Bring this letter and proof of identity (passport, identity card or driving licence). You can come at the following times: 

  • Monday November 14, 2-5pm Café Bax Ten Katestraat 119 
  • Tuesday November 15, 2-5pm, Café De Walvis, Spaarndammerstraat 516 
  • Thursday November 17, 2-5pm, The Villy, Bos en Lommerplein 302 
  • Friday November 18, 2-5pm, MidWest, Cabralstraat 1 

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